Write Every Day In September…a New Challenge

Last month, I challenged myself to Vlog Every Day In August (#VEDA). It was awesome. I had been struggling to find my voice in many so ways for a couple of years, really. So what better way to find one’s voice than talk for a few minutes every day about whatever topic came to mind. So the VEDA challenge was launched.

Where’s My Mojo?

I’ve made hundreds of videos over the years, mostly about real estate. It’s been a fun way to market my business with lots of unexpected positive consequences. There are folks I barely know (or don’t know at all!) whom I have connected with through video. As social media evolved, I reached out on Facebook and Instagram and a tiny bit in Twitter, and made a lot of connections I never would otherwise.

As powerful as social media is in connecting people, it is essentially one-dimensional. When you put out a video or post online, it’s mostly a one-way street. Oh sure, you might get some “likes”, even a few comments, but that’s hardly a dialogue. Virtual communities have their place, but without realizing it,  I had become isolated. My perspective was narrowed. It was getting hard to think of new ideas. And that became a huge creative block.

Vlog Every Day in August

The VEDA experiment forced my to come up with something to say every day. Through Facebook Live, I had some interaction, but the true benefit came from me forcing myself to have something new to say every day for 33 days (I got a little head start in July). By putting together a few coherent thoughts and putting myself out there expressing them, I started to feel like I had something to say. I expanded my thinking. I looked for new ideas through out the day that I might want to talk about which made more engaged in my day-to-day experience. Of course, Facebook Live videos are not as good as human, face-to-face conversations, but a overall the challenge was a good step forward.

A New Challenge

With the VEDA challenge in the books, I have decided to focus this month on writing. I am committing to write at least 300 words every day about “something”. It’s not so much what I write about, it’s that I do it, Hone the skill. Make the habit. By no means am I expecting to pump out a Pulitzer Prize-worthy article every day, but I will strive for good grammar and no spelling errors. I might write something fun or something serious or just experiment…whatever I need to do that day to expand my voice.

For the last few years, I have had a to do list to find my mojo again. Life can kick it out of you. It takes some effort to build it back up. Sometimes you have to take some time to put that oxygen mask on and take care of YOU.  So here I am, oxygen mask at the ready, Day 1, getting my mojo back by writing every day in September.