What’s Next After Foreclosure? An Eviction, Perhaps!

Since When Did I Become a Cockroach In My Own Home

Two weeks ago, my home was sold at the Trustee Sale to an investor. I found out when his realtor, Randy Duncan, showed up at my door with a 5-day notice to vacate – the standard eviction form used in Arizona. Before the 5-days expired, we agreed to a 2-week period for me to move out – me and my 4 kids.

Since then, I have been in communication with the realtor, letting him know that things are moving along. He took down the For Sale sign that appeared less than 48 hours after the sale. He sent over a pool repair to fix my filter – I even allowed him to refill the pool on my nickel. We packed up and finished moving out in time to meet the deadline.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived at my front door a few days ago to find an Eviction Action notification, along with a court summons. The action states that I am occupying the property without authority and that I will be levied a judgment for back rent to the tune of $1400 per month late fees, court costs, etc dating back to June 22, the day after the sale. Total as of July 1st? $1585 and counting…

Talk about Snidely Whiplash!! Since when did I become a cockroach, a pest destined for extermination? Since when did we decide that it’s OK to treat people that a bag of trash that needs to be out on the curb on trash day…or else?

Fortunately for me, I have an email that states our agreement, but if I didn’t would most likely have a have judgment filed against me and a record of eviction that would make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to rent for quite some time. All for the almighty buck!! Sad…I will be going to court tomorrow to make sure this case is dismissed. But I keep shaking my head in disbelief at this absolute low blow to a single mom with four kids who lost her home.  Talk about Snidely Whiplash…

Be aware that if your home is sold at the Trustee Sale, particularly to an investor, you may find yourself in this same situation.  Know your rights and make sure you have any agreements, especially pertaining to possession, in writing.