What Happens RIGHT AFTER Your House Sells at the Trustee Sale

For some it’s a monetary windfall, for others it’s complete devastation…

It’s been two days since my house sold that the Trustee Sale and a lot has happened. Although the shock hasn’t quite worn off, we are looking ahead to better days.  The Buyer has not wasted anytime managing his new asset. Although I can appreciate the efficient way he and his team have handled this “acquisition”, the fact is, until we move out, it is still my family’s home.
I don’t know the best way to handle this awkward situation, but I am pretty sure things could have been handled better in this case.  Within two days of the Trustee Sale, there was a For Sale sign posted in my yard and the Buyers whisked through with his team to compile the to-do list of tasks needed to get my…I mean, his…house on the market.

In the end, I have 2 weeks to get out, a generous extension of the initial 5- day eviction notice I was served on the day of the sale.

I can appreciate that for the Buyer, it’s all business. He is just trying to maximize his profit. But for me and my family, it’s a tremendous loss that is leading to a life changing event.  We were expecting the sale to happen in July, but the postponement did not happen, and the house was sold. We knew it was coming, but trust me, it doesn’t make it easier.  It’s not easy feeling like you are unwelcome in your home, moving your kids away from their friends, realizing that you are no longer a homeowner after 22 years of homeownership.  Not too many things are going to soften that blow.

But, we are moving forward…Next week, it’s all about the move. And once we get out of here, I think things will start to get a lot easier.