Trustee Sale…The Day My House Got Sold

The Other Side of Trustee Sales – When YOUR House Gets Sold

My house was sold at Trustee Sale today.  I got to experience the same thing as millions of others already have.  The statistics are staggering… over 500 homeowners in Maricopa County had the same day I had…

I have spent over a year trying to figure out a way to keep my home…my story is the same boring story that is told over and over again.  Less money coming in the door…harder to make the payments…can’t sell because you are way upside down…promised a loan modification by the lender but then denied at the 11th hour…on and on as possible solutions continued to slip away.

The inevitable conclusion moved closer and closer. Like a lot of things, it’s so much different when it happens to you. It’s a whole different situation than what you hear on the news or what you read somewhere. And it starts to make sense why so many people struggle to accept such a heart-wrenching turn of events…when it happens to you…you will never again ask yourself  “How can people do that?” when you hear stories of how people react when they lose their home.

My sale was supposed to be postponed, but often things just don’t work out they way they are supposed to. And the end of this day certainly did not match my expectations at all.

Wondering what that’s like? How it works? Here’s my story…