My Top Videos of 2010 – The Year in Review

Yeah, I looks a lot like I took the last two weeks of the year off from social blog posts, no videos. The truth is, I needed to step back for a bit and regroup. This is the first full year that I have been posting videos and I have learned quite a bit. Mostly that I love to make videos!!! I have been working on some new ideas, learning Final Cut Pro - a more advanced editing software package - and setting some goals for next year. So, never fear (or run for your life, depending on your persepctive), I will be posting a lot more videos in the 2011. But for now, its reflection time - what worked and what I … [Read more...]

Hey Short Sale Buyers: You May Be Writing The Check, But You Are Not Calling the Shots

Short sale negotiations are between the Seller and the Seller's Creditors...while the Buyer waits Everybody knows that a short sale is a real estate transaction in which the proceeds from the sale are less than what's owed on the property. But sometimes buyers forget that the Seller's creditors have complete control over that deal - they can change the terms or cancel the deal altogether. Unlike a typical real estate transaction, a short sale requires approval from multiple entities, including the lender or lenders, mortgage insurance companies, investors, government entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...the list goes on and on. The … [Read more...]

Buying a Flip Home – Some Things to Watch Out For

Tour of 2967 E Franklin Ave - Nice-looking Flip House! More and more listings are flip homes - homes that have been purchased by investors - often at the Trustee Sale - then quickly sold for a profit. Although some of the homes reflect the expertise of the flipper investor, such as this Lyon's Gate beauty in Gilbert, AZ, buyer's should always be aware that profits come first to the investor. This home in Lyon's Gate was purchased by an investor at the Trustee Sale. He has done a great job of making this home show like a model. But some flip investors get in over their heads, especially since homes purchased at the Trustee Sale are often … [Read more...]

What’s Next After Foreclosure? An Eviction, Perhaps!

Since When Did I Become a Cockroach In My Own Home Two weeks ago, my home was sold at the Trustee Sale to an investor. I found out when his realtor, Randy Duncan, showed up at my door with a 5-day notice to vacate - the standard eviction form used in Arizona. Before the 5-days expired, we agreed to a 2-week period for me to move out - me and my 4 kids. Since then, I have been in communication with the realtor, letting him know that things are moving along. He took down the For Sale sign that appeared less than 48 hours after the sale. He sent over a pool repair to fix my filter - I even allowed him to refill the pool on my nickel. We … [Read more...]

The Week After You Lose Your House at the Trustee Sale

What a Difference A Week Can Make! Looking Forward to a Fresh Start A week has passed since my house was sold at the Trustee Sale and oh, what a difference a week can make! My kids and I spent a few days in mourning, but the decided to move on and start our new life. We went house shopping and found a great house that is a lot bigger - a lot cheaper - than that house we lost. Yes it was tough, but we are going to make the best of it and start fresh. We are SO grateful for all our friends and family members who have helped us out. I will return the favor when the time comes...that's for sure. … [Read more...]

What Happens RIGHT AFTER Your House Sells at the Trustee Sale

For some it's a monetary windfall, for others it's complete devastation... It's been two days since my house sold that the Trustee Sale and a lot has happened. Although the shock hasn't quite worn off, we are looking ahead to better days.  The Buyer has not wasted anytime managing his new asset. Although I can appreciate the efficient way he and his team have handled this "acquisition", the fact is, until we move out, it is still my family's home. I don't know the best way to handle this awkward situation, but I am pretty sure things could have been handled better in this case.  Within two days of the Trustee Sale, there was a For Sale sign … [Read more...]

Trustee Sale…The Day My House Got Sold

The Other Side of Trustee Sales - When YOUR House Gets Sold My house was sold at Trustee Sale today.  I got to experience the same thing as millions of others already have.  The statistics are staggering... over 500 homeowners in Maricopa County had the same day I had... I have spent over a year trying to figure out a way to keep my story is the same boring story that is told over and over again.  Less money coming in the door...harder to make the payments...can't sell because you are way upside down...promised a loan modification by the lender but then denied at the 11th hour...on and on as possible solutions continued to slip … [Read more...]

Trustee Sale: How You Find Out Your House is on the Block

In the course of my business as a Realtor, I meet many distressed property owners who are losing their homes either through a short sale or a Trustee Sale.  This year, my family will become yet another statistic as we will be losing our home as well. I have come a long way over the last year and a half as I tried unsuccessfully to save my family home.  Although the battle was hard fought - perhaps too hard fought - in the end, the best decision has evolved to my current situation - giving up my house and moving forward.  What I have found very interesting is how I have evolved myself . Like many of life's events that require great fortitude, … [Read more...]

Trustee Sales – Can You Work Around Them?

I headed down to the courthouse steps today to introduce one my investor clients to Pam Mullavey and Brad Kelley of He had a couple of interesting questions about how the trustee sales work and if there is a way to avoid that whole process... And, was raining which explains the frizzy hair! ***Note: One exception to the Trustee Sale as described in the video is the Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure, however, these are not common. … [Read more...]

What Happens When Your House Sells at a Trustee Sale

The 4th in a series on Trustee Sales, in this video details I discuss happens after your homes sells and some steps you can take to survive this difficult turn of events. … [Read more...]