The History of Phoenix Real Estate (at least since 2005)

To celebrate 8 years in real estate, I present to you: The History of Phoenix Real Estate (since 2005). It's been quite a wild ride since I got my real estate license...let's catch up, shall we? For all practical purposes, our Phoenix real estate market has experience an economic disaster that is quite similar to a Category 5 hurricane. And much like New Orleans experienced with Hurricane Katrina, we have endured different phases of this experience. 2005: The Tasty Wave phase when everyone grabs a board and jumps in - regardless of any actual ability to surf or even swim 2006: The denial phase - oh, haw bad can it really get? 2007: The … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Market – May 2012 – INSANITY

The insanity is not just continuing, it's out of control. Inventory is still falling, prices are climbing, and tears are flowing as buyers suddenly realize the home-ownership train is leaving the station without them. Here are the cold hard numbers and a couple of survival tips for you! Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 … [Read more...]

What’s Happening in Phoenix Real Estate – April 2012

Are We Really Running Out Of Houses? The real estate market in Phoenix continues to return to a more "normal state" whatever that means. Prices are edging up especially in price ranges below $250K, and inventory has dropped below the 2 month mark. Yikes! Think the shadow inventory is going to replenish the market - don't be so sure. However you look at it, we are going to be low on inventory for a while. Buyers: get over the fantasy that another big price drop is going to happen here in Phoenix. All signs point to higher prices. Good luck buyers and welcome back sellers!! … [Read more...]

Hey Listing Agents…Help Us Help You!

Have your people call my people Distressed property sales are a real pain in the backside. We all know the challenges associated with short sales, but REO property sales are often just as frustrating. Those of us out here in the trenches are constantly lamenting about the less than stellar services provided by REO listing agents. Some teams do an excellent job of liquidating REO properties. They provide fair consideration of our offers and consistent communication when servicing their listings. But other listers are not returning calls and emails, ignoring offers and raising some eyebrows in the management of their listings. The nature of … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate FAQs – 3-12-2010

Dean Ouellette, the Tempe Short Sale Guy , joins me as we ponder the answers to: * Is it a good time to buy a house? * Do I need a home inspection if I am buying As-Is? * Can my Realtor give me the lockbox codes so I can check out a house? * Why do short sales take so long? Thanks, Sasha (Speilberg) Lopez for keeping us on track! Send us your questions...we'd love to hear from you... … [Read more...]

Talking Shop Episode #2 – Tips for Home Buyers

Dean Ouellette and Kristin LaVanway talk about tips to help Buyers in their home search, including how to choose a lender, where to find the best deals, and how to make the most fo your shopping trip! … [Read more...]

Talking Shop: Short Sales from the Buyer’s Side and a Couple of War Stories

In Part 2 of my recent chat with Tempe realtor and fellow video blogger Dean Ouellette we chat about about what's going on with short sales in the Phoenix real estate market, we discuss the Buyer's side of the deal and we swap a couple of war stories. What do you think of this format? We are thinking about doing this on a weekly basis, so I'd love to hear your comments... … [Read more...]

Talking Shop: What Should Sellers Look For When Listing A Short Sale

I sat down with Tempe realtor and fellow video blogger Dean Ouellette to talk shop and chat about what's going on with short sales in the Phoenix real estate market. In part 1 of our 2-part discussion, we discuss what to look for when choosing a listing agent for a short sale, whether or not it's a good idea for your agent to use a 3rd party negotiator, and how the short sale climate has changed over the last year.  In case you are wondering where we are, it's my favorite muscle car hangout, Steel Dreamz. This is new format and we are hoping to do this on a weekly basis...what do you think? I'd love to hear your comments... … [Read more...]

The Great Tsunami of Foreclosures – Shake up or Shaky Ground?

We have been hearing about it for over a year - the great tsunami of foreclosures that the banks are hoarding that will eventually flood the market and tank our fledging recovery. But is this fact or fiction? Here's a look at the numbers here in Phoenix... … [Read more...]

Here in Phoenix Friday Morning News – 12-13-2009

A wrap-up of the Phoenix real estate market, brought to you by a couple of Lego people. This week: Inventory levels. … [Read more...]