Phoenix Real Estate Market Update – It’s a Buyer Frenzy!

The Phoenix real estate market is in a buyer frenzy early in the season due to low inventory in the most active price ranges. For Buyers: Buyers continue to find themselves in a frenzy of competition for homes as March recorded the highest number of non-distressed sales through the MLS since September 2005.  Supply has dropped a significant 12.7% overall compared to this time last year. That's a whopping 22% drop  in the Southeast Valley and 27% in Pinal County! Despite the extreme lack of supply under $300K, 30% of closings in this price range are showing some form of seller-paid concession at close.  Compare this to 27% in March of … [Read more...]

Realtors Need Love Too!

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 You hate us more than lawyers and drug companies?? Awwww...come on now! According to the latest Gallup poll. the real estate industry is the fourth most hated industry in America! Not can read to right here: But, I don't blame you. America...deep down I know you don't really hate us. You are just frustrated and who cab blame you? Things have been pretty bad. But I have new for you: Things are getting better, really they are! Even the news media has … [Read more...]

How NOT to Sell Your House – Tip #1: Price ’em High

Pricing above market value is a sure fire way to keep buyers away Recently I have noticed more and more home seller who, despite the fact that their homes are on the market, do not appear to want them sold. If this is your goal - to keep the house on the market as long as possible, these tips are for you. Tip #1: Price your home well above the market value. You might be thinking that this is not going to work, that buyers will still want to buy your home because it is so much better than anything else out there on the market. All the special features and the custom decorating add a tremendous value to the property so of course, even if you … [Read more...]