Identity Crisis – Phoenix Real Estate

The shift in the Phoenix Real Estate Market has left some real estate agents with a major identity crisis. After years of rescuing underwater homeowners, dealing the evil banks and constantly changing government regulations, we are left in a fairly normal market. What do we do know!!? I guess, when it gets right down to it, we all have to adjust to this new "normal" market. Once the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder starts to wind down, anyway!! Don't be afraid to reach out for help during these changing times... Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 Special appearance by Jane Fendelmen :) Outro: Feeling Good, Kevin MacLeod … [Read more...]

Realtors Need Love Too!

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 You hate us more than lawyers and drug companies?? Awwww...come on now! According to the latest Gallup poll. the real estate industry is the fourth most hated industry in America! Not can read to right here: But, I don't blame you. America...deep down I know you don't really hate us. You are just frustrated and who cab blame you? Things have been pretty bad. But I have new for you: Things are getting better, really they are! Even the news media has … [Read more...]

The Beauty of the SPDS (Not the Potato Variety)

Ready to sell your house? Well don't forget your SPDS!! The Seller's Property Disclosure Statement, or what we in the biz affectionately refer to as the "SPUDS" is a detailed checklist of all the material facts that you as the seller need to disclose to the buyer who is looking to buy your house. Don't think of this exercise as stupid, a time-waster or big-brothery, think of it as your ticket to a clear conscious! Let's face it...if you put down in writing that there is a family of rapid skunks living in your backyard next to the exposed sewer piping that really started causing problems after the foundation shifted and caused that small … [Read more...]

How to Write a Winning Offer on Your Dream Home

You've found the house of your dreams and now you are ready to put in an offer! Here are some tips to help you write a winning offer, especially in a competitive market. Sure, price is important but here are a few more things to think about to make your offer irresistible to the seller! - Keep in mind that the sellers are seldom as anxious to sell as you are to buy - Make your first offer a strong offer - Keep it clean...too many conditions can muddy the waters - Close as quick as you can - Make sure your finances are in order Bonus: FHA Buyers may need to jump through a few more hoops to get the deal done ...and finally, always seek the … [Read more...]