Paging Mr. Spock – How Much is My House Worth, huh?

It's the $64,000,000 questions these days as values have shot up 20% since the beginning of the year. How much is YOUR house worth? Despite the fact that there are many online resources available that can provide an answer to that question - Zillow, bank websites, county tax records, and more - how accurate are those estimates? Because they are estimates, and ballpark ones at that. I am sure you have figured out that the only way to get an accurate market value for your home - one that includes all the intangibles that affect the price a buyer would be willing to pay for your home - is to talk to an experienced real estate me! … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Update – The Scoop for June 2012

Are you sitting down? Here they are - the numbers for the Phoenix Real Estate Market as of June 2012. Yeah, it's still crazy. Inventory levels for the lower price ranges are practically zero! Equity sales continue to grow in numbers and prices are fast approaching the 2003 price levels. Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Investing – It Ain’t Rocket Science!

Fix and flips? Rental properties? Everybody dreams of success in real estate investing, right? But where to start?? It really boils down to three easy steps: 1. Plan your strategy - are you setting long term or short term goals? For long term goals you are looking for buy and hold opportunities - rental properties. For short term plans, you will be buying property then re-selling it right away. You need to know which way you are heading to you can develop a successful strategy. 2. Know your numbers - Depending on your strategy, you can use some simple rules to determine which properties are the best candidates. For fix and flips, yoiu will … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – January 2012

For those folks waiting for the bottom of the Phoenix Real Estate market - it has come and gone. Here's a little wake-up call from San Tan Valley that demonstrates what we can expect home prices to do in 2012. Buyers, it's really time to come down off the fence...seriously. P.S. I told you!!!! … [Read more...]

Who Needs Cable When You’ve Got a Real Estate License

Trust me...the entertainment value of real estate is gravely underestimated!! … [Read more...]

Real Estate Negotiation 101

Negotiating real estate deals just ain't the same anymore Is it just me? It just doesn't seem like it's much fun any more to negotiate a real estate transaction. Short sales, REO's and homeowners who have have watched all the equity drain from the homes have taken all the pleasure out of the process. Remember the good old days, sitting around a table, playfully bantering counter offers around until everyone was happy? What do we have now?? Waiting months and months for that 50-50 chance that the short sale will be approved...working with the overworked REO lister, if you are lucky or the REO robot if you are not...or maybe it's an equity … [Read more...]

Multiple Counter Offers – Bring ‘Em On!!

Bidding on a Foreclosure? It's Not Over Until It's Over! With the competitive Buyer's market we are seeing in Phoenix right now, buyers are frustrated when they lose out in the bidding wars. But lately, I have seen a surprising turn as buyers are bidding on multiple properties - it's never over until it's over! Buyers are putting in offers on multiple properties to better their odds of winning the bidding wars. But with so many challenges in closing the deal, and the fact soem buyers end up with several accepted offers, I have seen more and more, that even though you may be in a back-up position - 2nd, 3rd, even 4th in line - you might … [Read more...]

If I am already qualified, why do I need to talk to the Seller’s lender?

Seller's requirement for prequalification can be a double-edged sword Today's question addresses the common practice of the Seller to require that the Buyer pre-qualify for the mortgage with the Seller's lender or their offer will not be considered. Dean Ouellette and I discuss the reason - to make sure the Buyer can perform - and the reality - the Seller is trying to drum up business for their lender. As always, Sasha (Tall Shoes) Lopez keeps us on track! … [Read more...]

Don’t Let a Little Foreclosure Ruin Your Day!!

Here in Phoenix, there are at least 12,200 families today who are watching their homes be sold by the bank.  There are another 15,000 who are trying to sell their home before the bank forecloses on them, too. About 30,000 additional families are just waiting for the bank to knock on their door and tell them to move on.  And there are many others who are in danger of becoming one of these statistics.  This is a very tough time for many families, myself included, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the stress.       On a day when I was really feeling the pressure, I came across a great blog called Love In the Time of Foreclsoure … [Read more...]

When Should You Get A Home Inspection? Always!

A professional home inspector should be one of the first people you call when your offer to purchase a home has been accepted. A home inspector will go over your home with a fine tooth comb and provide a detailed report on the condition of the home. He will check the condition of your roof, your AC unit, your electrical and plumbing systems. Your inspector will check for structural problems, and code violations. Some inspectors even do thermal imaging scans to check for hot spots or leaks that may indicate major problems with the home. In our Arizona contract, you are entitled to a 10-day period to conduct any inspections you deem … [Read more...]