No RENTS for the Weary

Are you having trouble finding a rental property in Phoenix right now? Well, you are not alone. Our rental inventory is a fraction of what it was a few years ago. Just to out things in perspective, in 2008,there were roughly 10,000 properties listed for rent in Metro Phoenix. Right now, there are less than 2200 homes or rent, listed on the MLS. And I mean in all of Metro Phoenix, meaning Phoenix and its suburbs.   That figure does not include vacation homes, but good luck there where rents are significantly higher than market rents, due to the furnished and short term nature of these leases. And keep in mind that there were a lot less people … [Read more...]

Missed Out on the Homebuyer Tax Credit? So What…

If you are wondering if you can still buy a house, here's how to find out... Whether we like it or not, the days of the First TIme Home Buyer Tax Credit and the Move-up Homebuyer Tax Credit are over. From now on, when you buy a house, there won't be a litte something in it for you from Uncle Sam.  There are probably plenty of folks out there who are really disappointed and think there is no reason for them to buy a house. Well, that's kind of silly... There is no denying that $8,000 is a lot of money. Especially after you buy a house and are now heading to Home Depot every weekend. But the $8,000 tax credit, a one-time event, should have … [Read more...]