My Top Videos of 2010 – The Year in Review

Yeah, I looks a lot like I took the last two weeks of the year off from social blog posts, no videos. The truth is, I needed to step back for a bit and regroup. This is the first full year that I have been posting videos and I have learned quite a bit. Mostly that I love to make videos!!! I have been working on some new ideas, learning Final Cut Pro - a more advanced editing software package - and setting some goals for next year. So, never fear (or run for your life, depending on your persepctive), I will be posting a lot more videos in the 2011. But for now, its reflection time - what worked and what I … [Read more...]

Thinking About Skipping the Home Inspection? Think Again…

I know, home inspections cost a lot of money, especially when you saving up the pennies for the many trips to Home Depot that await when you close on your new home. Here are two examples, of how home inspections, or the lack thereof, affected two might make you rethink your home inspection strategy. … [Read more...]