What’s the Easiest Way to Invest in Real Estate?

A friend of mine recently asked my opinion about a REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust. You know, those sexy crowd-sourcing ventures where you pool you money with other mogul wannabes and buy retail shops, apartment buildings and office complexes and just watch the cash flow into you pockets. Sort of. Actually, the fund managers do all the work,collecting rents from the tenants and paying the investors dividends when they make a profit. Of course, you know what happens if there is not profit, right? Let's say you have $1000 laying around and you wanted to invest in real estate? Is the REIT the best way to go? Maybe. But before you join the … [Read more...]

Buying a Flip Home – Some Things to Watch Out For

Tour of 2967 E Franklin Ave - Nice-looking Flip House! More and more listings are flip homes - homes that have been purchased by investors - often at the Trustee Sale - then quickly sold for a profit. Although some of the homes reflect the expertise of the flipper investor, such as this Lyon's Gate beauty in Gilbert, AZ, buyer's should always be aware that profits come first to the investor. This home in Lyon's Gate was purchased by an investor at the Trustee Sale. He has done a great job of making this home show like a model. But some flip investors get in over their heads, especially since homes purchased at the Trustee Sale are often … [Read more...]

Real People – Real Predictions for the 2010 Real Estate Market

Sure, we have all heard the gloom and doom on the Evening News, but what do real people predict will happen in the real estate market this year? Hear these folks from all walks of life talk about what they expect in 2010. What are you predicting this year? … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing for Dummies (NOT!)

Here are some thoughts after attending a 6-hour Continuing Education class (this is a class geared for Realtors) on Fix & Flips. The class focused a lot on paint colors, war stories and Home Depot shopping tips, but skipped right over the key areas where most investors fall flat on their faces. There are many opportunities in the current market to make money in real estate investing, but there are also plenty of ways to lose your shirt. The current market is littered with the failed investments of would-be real estate moguls who bought into the get-rich schemes or simply didn't understand that the real secret to success is not faux … [Read more...]