Here In Phoenix Friday Morning News

November 6, 2009: A wrap-up of the week in Phoenix real estate, brought to you by a couple of lego people. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing for Dummies (NOT!)

Here are some thoughts after attending a 6-hour Continuing Education class (this is a class geared for Realtors) on Fix & Flips. The class focused a lot on paint colors, war stories and Home Depot shopping tips, but skipped right over the key areas where most investors fall flat on their faces. There are many opportunities in the current market to make money in real estate investing, but there are also plenty of ways to lose your shirt. The current market is littered with the failed investments of would-be real estate moguls who bought into the get-rich schemes or simply didn't understand that the real secret to success is not faux … [Read more...]

Top Ramen Chronicles – In Search of Good (Cheap!) Bread

Like everyone else out there, the LaVanway clan is trimming our belts. With 3 1/2 teen-aged boys, I go through a lot of groceries, so cutting back on my food bill is a great way to stretch my budget. Cutting back on the grocery bill doesn't have to mean doing without though. Here's my discovery for great bread at ridiculously low prices! Whether you are saving up for a down payment, saving for a rainy day, or just flat out underwater, we can all use a little extra "bread"! … [Read more...]