Queen Creek New Home Subdivisions Back in Business

With less than 3 months inventory of homes in Queen Creek, homebuyers are scratching their heads trying to find a home to buy. So it is no wonder that the home builders who had locked up their sales centers for months have opened the doors once again to take advantage of the increased demand in the area. I stopped into one of the sales centers and found that it was packed! The sale agents were all busy answering questions and handing out information. I haven't seen that in a long time. It is just one more indication that better days are ahead for the housing market here in Phoenix.  I want to pass along a couple of tips if you are … [Read more...]

Don’t Let a Little Foreclosure Ruin Your Day!!

Here in Phoenix, there are at least 12,200 families today who are watching their homes be sold by the bank.  There are another 15,000 who are trying to sell their home before the bank forecloses on them, too. About 30,000 additional families are just waiting for the bank to knock on their door and tell them to move on.  And there are many others who are in danger of becoming one of these statistics.  This is a very tough time for many families, myself included, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the stress.       On a day when I was really feeling the pressure, I came across a great blog called Love In the Time of Foreclsoure … [Read more...]

How Does Price Range Affect Inventory in the Phoenix Housing Market?

As of this morning, there is 4.1 months inventory of homes on the market in the Phoenix Metro area. A balanced market, where the Buyer and Seller have equal advantage, occurs at about 6 months inventory, so we are currently operating under a Seller's advantage. But the price range you are shopping in plays a big role in the actual inventory of homes available to you.           For those home buyers shopping below $100,000, you have about 1.6 months of inventory to choose from - a strong Seller's market. But the news is actually worse when you take out the junk house that no one wants to buy. My guess is that you probably have less than … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I Buy A Bank-Owned Property in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Metro area has made just about every Top Ten Foreclosure List out there...yes, the media is quick to point out how tough things are in the Valley of the Sun when it comes to real estate. The way the news media makes it sound, there are rows of "FORECLOSURE" signs lining every street in town.      But there's the media and then there's reality. And that is what is frustrating buyers. I have talked to several folks in recent weeks who can't understand why they can't saunter out on a Sunday afternoon, check out a couple of bank-owned homes, write up an offer for 10% below the asking price, and pick up the keys in a couple of … [Read more...]

What’s Happening in Queen Creek?

Queen Creek real estate is HOT right now, with great deals to be had. But you need to be ready for a lot of competition as inventory levels have dwindled and homes are selling in a matter of days. It takes a little extra effort to land one of the great deals in Queen Creek, but it is worth it. If you are looking to maximize the value for your dollar, Queen Creek offers some of the most affordable homes in the Valley. But you need to do your homework. Here's some advice to help you... … [Read more...]

Is It Time For You To Buy A House?

Are you on the fence about buying a house? How do you know if it's the right time? With home prices in Phoenix so attractive and interest rates low, you are probably asking yourself that very question...Hear about one client's decision and whether it was the right move for him. … [Read more...]

The Realtor Gal Goes on the Road!

Hey!  I am very busy gal!  Realtor..single mom...how does one cram everything into one day?  Multi-tasking! And so I am taking my videos on the road and video-blogging from my car!  Hear the latest in real estate news, opinions, observations and advice as I cruise around the Phoenix.  Your comments are much appreciated!  Tell me what you think at kristin@therealtorgal.com. … [Read more...]

Video Update of the Phoenix Real Estate Market – April 2009

Check out my video update of the Phoenix real estate market: This is my first "video blog" so let me know what you think...Your feedback is much appreciated! … [Read more...]

A Light at the End of the Tunnel for East Valley Real Estate

Although home prices in Phoenix are continuing to decline, there is a ray of hope for communities in the East Valley.  Home prices in Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe are showing signs of stabilization and prices in Gilbert and Queen Creek are actually starting to edge upwards.  Compared to the downward trend in home prices experienced by the Phoenix housing market as a whole, the East Valley is looking stronger over the last few months with higher average sales prices and slower declines in value. Although home prices in Mesa and Queen Creek have historically been below the average sales price for Phoenix as a whole, the upwards trend in sales … [Read more...]