Here in Phoenix Friday Morning News – 11-27-2009

A wrap up of the week in Phoenix real estate for 11-27-2009 – brought to you by a couple of lego people. This week’s topic: Home price trends. Graphs courtesy of the Cromford Report. … [Read more...]

How Trustee Sales Work (Part 1)

Over 4,600 homes were auctioned at Trustee Sale in Maricopa County over the last month. Here is an overview of how Trustee Sales work (first in a series), who is involved and which homes make it to the auction. … [Read more...]

Here in Phoenix – Friday Morning News – 11-20-2009

A wrap up of the week in Phoenix real estate for 11-20-2009 - brought to you by a couple of lego people. This week's topic: An update on the distressed market in Phoenix...Enjoy :) … [Read more...]

East Side vs West Side in the Valley of the Sun

A trip to see the Cardinals play at the University of Phoenix Stadium reminds me of the long-standing rivalry between the East Valley and the West Side here in Metro Phoenix. … [Read more...]

Here in Phoenix – Friday Morning News – 11-13-2009

A wrap up of the week in Phoenix real estate for 11-13-2009 - brought to you by a couple of lego people.  Yes, I know the title says 11-6-2009, but this is really for 11-13-2009! Enjoy :) … [Read more...]

Tired of Snow? Move to Phoenix…Here’s How!

Sure, it's November in Phoenix and we are facing some cool 80 degree days. Seriously, this is what we wait all summer for! If your November is filled with snow, slush, rain or worse, you may be tempted to join us here in Phoenix...I just chatted with a fellow in New York who was looking at moving to the Valley of the Sun and he had a lot of questions about how we manage our real estate transactions here in Arizona.  So here is a "quick and dirty" overview of how real estate transactions work on Arizona! After you watch the video, post that snow blower on Craig's List and join us!! … [Read more...]

Here In Phoenix Friday Morning News

November 6, 2009: A wrap-up of the week in Phoenix real estate, brought to you by a couple of lego people. … [Read more...]

Hey Homebuyers…Are You Serious?

If you are shopping for a new home, you need to ask yourself this question...are you serious? Here are three clues: 1. Have you been fully qualified - that is gone through desktop underwriting - with a capable lender? That is a loaded question, but one that is vital to your sucess in a quest to purchase a home. Way too many deals are falling out due to lack of financing. 2. Are you available? With the primo homes selling in a matter of days - even hours - when your realtor calls with a find, you need to hop right in the car and check it out. 3. Are you ready to write an offer? The fact is, you are probably going to write several … [Read more...]

Want the $8,000 Tax Credit? Better Move Quick!

The deadline for the $8,000 Tax Credit for First Time Home buyers is December 1, 2009, but you really only have a month left to find a home if you want to qualify. To meet the Dec 1 deadline, your COE must be on or before November 30, 2009 which is the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Since Wednesday, Nov 25 will most likely be a half day for Title companies and banks, the last day you can realistically close is November 24, 2009. A word of warning: You DO NOT want to close on Tuesday, Novemebr 24!! That day will be insane. If you really want to qualify for the tax credit plan your close of escrow during (or before!) the week of … [Read more...]

A Time for Heroes and Champions

Yesterday was an extraordinary for me - a very bad day that taught me some very good things. I was devastated to learn that the short sale I have worked on since January - Chase Bank is a tough group to deal with - is being cancelled by the Buyer.  I am not sure which was harder to take - the fact that all that work seems to have gone to waste, or the fact that I will not receive the commission that was going to carry me through the next month.  Probably the latter...with the challenges facing each and every transaction, 25-35% of deals are falling out.  I have had more than my share lately, and the bank account is looking pretty empty.  So … [Read more...]