Rising Mortgage Rates And The Rumors They Inspire

Last month, over 271,000 jobs were added in the U.S. - the highest amount so far this year.  The unemployment rate dipped to 5 percent, and wages rose at the fastest pace since 2009. In a report released last week  by the Feds, all signs point to a healthy U.S. job market, almost fully healed from the deep wounds of the Great Recession. This is really great news! But, because there is always a "but", the healthier economy is raising expectations that the Federal Reserve will begin withdrawing its support for the recovery by the end of the year. In a nutshell, interest rates are very likely to rise over the next year. Not in a  … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate FAQs – 04-02-2010

This week, Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette tackle the questions: * Can I keep my antique stove when I sell my house? * What is the final walkthrough? * Why didn't I get the mortgage rate advertised online? * Can the bank foreclose if I am negotiating a short sale? Thanks as always to @SashaLopez even though she never watches our videos... … [Read more...]

Dartboard Predictions and the Art of Statistics

With the New Year underway, I am amazed at the flood of experts predicting a variety of outcomes for the Phoenix real estate market in 2010. Only one thing is perfectly clear...anything is possible! … [Read more...]