The Big Pre-Qualification Question

For some, calling a lender to get pre-qualified for a mortgage is an anxiety-riddled, hand-wringing, whiskey-swigging dilemma. Should I or shouldn't I? It's a big deal...or is it? The fact is, it is pretty much pointless to go house-shopping without checking in with a lender first. It's like going shopping without your wallet, only worse. If you forget your wallet, you can ask the cashier to hold onto the awesome bargain you found while you run back home and retrieve the forgotten financials. But if you don't talk to a lender first, you might be shopping at Nordstom's when you really should be shopping at Target (or vice versa). And either … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate FAQ’s – 03-22-2010

In this episode of Phoenix Real Estate FAQ's Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette ponder that answers to: *What did you learn from your most difficult real estate transaction? *What do you do when nature calls when showing houses? *Will the Phoenix housing market rebound before the world ends in 2012? *Why do I need to get prequalifed for a loan? Send us your questions! P.S. To all who are wondering what on earth is written behind my head…Dean and I had been working on a video about the Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative (HAFA) program which was done in the style of the classic Saturday Night Live skit, Point – Counterpoint and … [Read more...]