The Elusive Tiny Home Near Downtown Mesa

I have heard from several folks over the last week or so who are looking for a tiny home near Downtown Mesa so they can be a part the awesome Main Street community. And it's a good time to get in while the getting is good.  A home near Downtown Mesa, within walking distance of the Light Rail, essentially put you within walking distance to Tempe and Phoenix, while enjoying the funky, artsy vibe that Main Street in Mesa offers. If you haven't been downtown lately, check it out. There is so much going on! OK, it's still a little sleepy, but there aren't many places around anymore where the bartender knows your name, where the cook knows … [Read more...]

Grid Bikes! What Are Those Green Bikes On Main St?

Grid bikes! They have arrived on Main St. You will see 250 of these bright green two-wheelers in racks along Main St, ready for pedalists to explore Downtown Mesa, head to work, check out a Spring Training game or go wherever their hearts desire (that's within biking distance!) The most common usage is for folks who take the light rail to destinations that are just a little far to walk once you reach the light rail stop. Having a bike to take you that last mile or two can greatly increase the benefits of our light rail here in Metro Phoenix. There are several racks of Grid Bikes along Main Street - near each light rail stop, adjacent to … [Read more...]

Motorcycles on Main – A First Friday Tradition in Downtown Mesa

On the first Friday of (almost) every month, Downtown Mesa, is transformed into a mini-Sturgess. Bikers from across the Valley descend upon Main Street for a street party that gets better every time.  Maybe you have heard of it...maybe you have thought about checking it out, but you aren't quite sure how it works. You don't need a bike - although bring it if you have it - to join this jamboree.  No, this is a fest with no rules! (Well, OK, you need to follow the traffic laws and basic municipal guidelines...) Here's a couple of tips: If you don't have a bike, don't come down Main - use 1st Street or 1st Ave. And, yes, Here in Mesa, the … [Read more...]

5 Tips from My Trip to the Sheraton Downtown

Today I traveled to the Sheraton in Downtown Phoenix to pick up a reporter who is writing an article on our fabulous Phoenix real estate market...I learned a few things along the way. … [Read more...]