A New Dishwasher Moves Us Into the 21st Century

Isn't is beautiful! We got it last Friday. I wasn't home when it was delivered, so I missed the farewell to the doorstop that previously occupied this space. A new dishwasher. A thing of beauty. A marvel of modern technology. An end to dish-pan hands. We bought this house just a tad over two years ago. This will be our 3rd Christmas in Downtown Mesa. That was a huge milestone for this statistical boomerang buyer, after spending 5 years in rental purgatory. You know where dishwashers come from in rental purgatory? Craigslist. "Re-furb'ed" if you are lucky. Duct-taped together more likely. The kind of dishwasher that gives you high hopes … [Read more...]

Historic Fraser Fields – Downtown Mesa, Arizona

Fraser Fields is one of Mesa's historic neighborhoods, with ranch style homes on large irrigated lots near Downtown Mesa. Homes in the Fraser Fields Local Historic District  were built in the late 40's and 50's and appealed to the affluent middle class, looking for a change from "the city" in what was known at the time as Mesa's most exclusive community. Yes, that's what it was like in the 50's.   There is no single builder in the neighborhood - homes were built to order for the original residents, which included doctors, lawyers and businessmen with names that are easily recognized in Mesa. Fraser Fields was originally a plot of land … [Read more...]

Living the Main Street Life…Homes for Sale in Downtown Mesa, Arizona

  Downtown Mesa! It's coming alive folks.  Back in the day, Main Street in Mesa was The Place, and like many downtown areas in the suburbs of Phoenix, it is enjoying a renaissance. With the opening of the light rail extension from Sycamore to Mesa Drive, Main Street has a new energy, an artsy vibe. The historic buildings are casting aside the past and inviting new businesses to wake up this blast-of-the-past town center. With a focus on art and music, Downtown Mesa welcomes an artist-centric culture to the East Valley. This is Main Street USA, where people wave to you as you stroll down the street. Stop in at Jarrod's Coffee, … [Read more...]