The Pride Thing

Pride is a powerful thing. It has been my motivation in tough times, but I now realize it  has also been my worst enemy.   Many events and achievements in my life have brought me great pride. Certainly my kids make me enormously proud. The fact that I am the first person in my family to graduate from college is a source of pride. I am proud that I can drive a stick shift - a skill I mastered by driving a 1960 Volkswagon Beetle through the hills of Palos Verdes - a car that surely is run by hamster power.  Yes, I am proud that I mastered that challenge.  I am proud that I can make bread, that I earned an 'A' grade in Partial Differential … [Read more...]

The Food Thing

OK, just to warn anyone who might be reading this blog, there are going to be a lot of postings...a LOT! Why, because I am a single mom with neither a hubby nor a shrink to consult with.  My therapy is this blog.  And on a day like this, I need two sessions. I am usually a pretty upbeat person, but some days, here lately, I cry a lot. And I hate it.  It is non-productive.  It really is.  Boo hoo, my problems are so bad. Well, after you sniff into a couple of Kleenex for 30 minutes, guess what? Your problems are still there. So, instead, I am going to write about one of the successes I have had in battling my economic crisis.  An area in … [Read more...]

Don’t Let a Little Foreclosure Ruin Your Day!!

Here in Phoenix, there are at least 12,200 families today who are watching their homes be sold by the bank.  There are another 15,000 who are trying to sell their home before the bank forecloses on them, too. About 30,000 additional families are just waiting for the bank to knock on their door and tell them to move on.  And there are many others who are in danger of becoming one of these statistics.  This is a very tough time for many families, myself included, and it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the stress.       On a day when I was really feeling the pressure, I came across a great blog called Love In the Time of Foreclsoure … [Read more...]

The Boiling Point of Success – Sometimes a Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way!

Do you ever feel like where life just wears you down? I did this week. Nothing particularly bad happened, but I have been cranky, tired and feeling rather sorry for myself. So it was a true gift when I happened upon a blog posting by Russell Shaw, a very successful Realtor here in the Phoenix area, where he mused about how he achieved his success. The message really hit home for me so much so, that I am writing this blog posting about my own pursuit of success. The ideas apply to whatever goals you hope to achieve. When I got divorced, I had a choice about how to support me and my family. I could have gone back into engineering - my … [Read more...]