Can You Really Buy a House With Only $1000 in Your Pocket?

Sometimes! Have you been thinking about buying a house but figure you won't live long enough to save up that huge down payment? Never fear! Hope is here! Arizona has several down payment assistance programs that provide a grant to homeowners who qualify that shaves 3% off the minimum down payment. That's a huge chunk of the low down payments required for FHA and some conventional loan programs. And it gets better... If the seller agrees to contribute towards your closing costs - effectively financing those closing costs - you might be surprised at the small amount of cash you need to get those house keys. I have seen folks buy for … [Read more...]

Realtors Need Love Too!

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 You hate us more than lawyers and drug companies?? Awwww...come on now! According to the latest Gallup poll. the real estate industry is the fourth most hated industry in America! Not can read to right here: But, I don't blame you. America...deep down I know you don't really hate us. You are just frustrated and who cab blame you? Things have been pretty bad. But I have new for you: Things are getting better, really they are! Even the news media has … [Read more...]

The Beauty of the SPDS (Not the Potato Variety)

Ready to sell your house? Well don't forget your SPDS!! The Seller's Property Disclosure Statement, or what we in the biz affectionately refer to as the "SPUDS" is a detailed checklist of all the material facts that you as the seller need to disclose to the buyer who is looking to buy your house. Don't think of this exercise as stupid, a time-waster or big-brothery, think of it as your ticket to a clear conscious! Let's face it...if you put down in writing that there is a family of rapid skunks living in your backyard next to the exposed sewer piping that really started causing problems after the foundation shifted and caused that small … [Read more...]

The A-word in Phoenix Real Estate

Here in the world of Phoenix real estate, we avoid mentioning the A-word as it strikes fear in the hearts of real estate participants who must face this adversary on the course of the transaction...dare I speak the work aloud? Appraisal! In a transitional market like we have right now, one that is experiencing a 20% increase in prices in a 6-month period, appraisals can be the kiss of death. Appraisals must follow conservative guidelines imposed by lenders and those guidelines tend to put the brakes on rapidly increasing prices. It an be hard when prices are increasing to obtain an appraisal that matches obvious market value. Many sellers … [Read more...]