Should You Wait for a Better Offer (If the one you got is a piece of $#%@)

What should you do if you get an offer that frankly is a piece of S*&;%T? Here are some spicy tips on how to make the best of a *#%$% situation…

First, you have to be realistic. And that is secret code for price your house right.

Second, understand your negotiating position. Is is a Seller’s market, or do the Buyer’s hold the advantage? Right now, Sellers are not exactly in the driver’s seat. You have to play nice with buyers if you want to make a deal. So…play nice!

Third, try to make the offer work, even it at first glance that seems as likely as snow in Phoenix. Because, guess what? Sometimes it snows in Phoenix! Seriously, never pass up a chance to negotiate – look for the win-win.

Fourth, listen to what “The Market” is telling you. Your real estate agent might have to translate, but trust me, “The Market” knows more that you do when selling your house. So listen up.

And finally, DO NOT TAKE ANY OFFER PERSONALLY! It’s just business, K?

Conventional wisdom says the first offer you receive will be the best offer you receive. Not sure if that’s completely true, but I have seen plenty of $%*&;$ offers turn into closed escrows. It all boils down to communication and common sense.

Good luck!

Kristin LaVanway

P.S. This video was made in 2014 when the inventory (as me!) were a little heavier 🙂