We Need Listings! #NotABubble

Come on already! Why are you hording your own house? Put it on the market already! Don’t get cast in that hypothetical TV show, “House Horders”! (Is this a show already? I’m not sure. I would probably watch it.)

Weather-wise, it’s becoming an early spring, and it’s the perfect time to begin selling your home! Yet as you can see by my trusty chart in my video, house inventory is as flat as a pancake.

Flat as a pancake

But hey, pancakes are still tasty as hell.

Everyone in the Milky Way is moving to Phoenix, and why wouldn’t they move here? We have sunshine and happiness all year round. There’s no digging yourself out of snow, mud, or other kind of natural disaster. (I can’t guarantee you won’t have to dig yourself out of your retired in-laws though. Phoenix is the place for retirement. Sorry about that.)

Because Phoenix is amazing, we have high demand for housing and sales are up by 16%. And by the end of the year, more home listings should hit the Phoenix market to keep up with demand. This is also putting pressure on home prices to increase in Phoenix, which is great for those who already live in Phoenix and want to sell, sell, sell! (Even if your house is perfectly manicured or completely dilapidated.)

However, you know those click-bait articles that were rampant during the 2016 Presidential campaign? Well, real estate is not immune to such frustrating click-bait articles either.

Recently, Housing Wire accused the Phoenix home market of being in the midst of a “housing bubble.” Seriously? First of all, they referenced a report that doesn’t even exist. (I mean, I seriously couldn’t find it, I tried. Can you find it?) Secondly, people are MOVING to Phoenix in swarms to buy these houses. Thirdly, the late Mark Twain reminds us that, “there are those damn click-bait articles, and then there are statistics.” Ok, Twain’s exact quote didn’t mention click-bait articles, but if he were alive today, he would TOTALLY have said that.

Housing Wire F You

Housing Wire? More like– Housing Liar.

A snapshot from the Wiki page of that famous house jazz singer, Housing Bublé.

We’re in a happy and amazing growth period right now, and someday it will end in a recession. And don’t freak out about recessions — it just means things aren’t growing for a certain time period. Recession is not the boogie man living under your bed. Boogie men are something to actually be scared of.


I mean, look at Oogie Boogie from that Tim Burton movie. He scary as f*ck. I mean, what’s his DEAL?

Get out of my moonlighting, Oogie Boogie! I’m trying to read Winnie the Pooh.

If you’d like to chat a little bit about how your house might fare in the market or if you want to look at some other clickbait articles with me, you know where to find me!