My Top Videos of 2010 – The Year in Review

Yeah, I know…it looks a lot like I took the last two weeks of the year off from social media-izing…no blog posts, no videos. The truth is, I needed to step back for a bit and regroup. This is the first full year that I have been posting videos and I have learned quite a bit. Mostly that I love to make videos!!!

I have been working on some new ideas, learning Final Cut Pro – a more advanced editing software package – and setting some goals for next year. So, never fear (or run for your life, depending on your persepctive), I will be posting a lot more videos in the 2011.

But for now, its reflection time – what worked and what I liked best. Usually not one in the same. So (drum roll, please) here are my top videos of 2010:

Most Popular Videos of 2010

#5 What’s Next After Foreclosure? An Eviction, Perhaps!
Surprising Twist to My Personal Foreclosure Adventure
#4 Making the Tough Decision to Walk Away From Your House? Some Tips…
Straight Shooting About Calling It On Your Underwater Mortgage
#3 Finding a Home after a Short Sale or Foreclosure
Can You Really Rent After You Lose Your House?
#2 Hey Bank! Take My House, Please!
That’s Right…Taking the Option To Exit the Mortgage
#1: REDC Auction: Scam or the Real Deal?
Also the most viewed video on my YouTube channel with 2,937 views to date – I have NO idea why!

AND what were my Favorites??

#5 Coffee Talk – Don’t Get Punk’d By HAFA
One of my first attempts to post a more entertaining type of real estate video…at least some people find it entertaining!
#4 Trustee Sale…The Day My House Got Sold
This is actually one of favorite and least favorite videos…way too many people can relate to this experience
#3 Success Measured By The Frets of a Guitar
I made this as a tribute to brother – it keeps me focused on what is really important
#2 Coffee Talk – Making Those Short Sale Calls
If you have ever worked short sales from the Seller’s side, you will relate to this video
#1 18478 E Superstition Dr – Clone Tour
My fave of the year!!! A break-through in my quest to be the Wheezy Waiter of real estate…