My Own Backyard!

This morning, I picked some grapefruit. From my own tree. In my own backyard. It was awesome. Not exaggerating. It’s taken me four years to get to pick grapefruit from my own tree in my own backyard.


Four years ago, well, let’s just say I had a really, really bad day. A really bad day that was about four years in the making. That was the low point. That day when some dude knocked on my door and told me I no longer owned it. That I had 5 days to get out. I bought the house after my marriage ended. Our new beginning, nestled in a familiar neighborhood so we could move forward. That house was the anchor for my family. Instead of a new beginning, we became a statistic like millions of other families whose homes were lost when the banks booted them to the street.

Yeah, that was a really, really bad day.


So we rented. And it sucked. Not exaggerating. Renting really sucks.

It took me four years to get back on my feet. We are loving our new house. It’s in a historic neighborhood with lots of personality, right near downtown Mesa. It reminds us a lot of the home we had before everything started to go south. We love it! Funny…things worked out for us after all.

Picking grapefruit this morning from my own tree in my own backyard. Yup! Pretty sweet!!