HOAs: Are Weeds Really the Biggest Challenge in America?

As part of my Top Ramen Chronicle series exploring the journey of scores of American families who are losing their homes, I had to address the growing disaster facing HOA’s across America…out of control weeds. Seriously.

Knowing how the process works as homes go into short sale or foreclosure, I am really sickened to think that HOAs are trying to rack up fines as a means of income generation. Are they hoping for a big jackpot when the payouts are handed around? Is that the best way to build a community? I really don’t think so…and what American families need now more than ever are true communities that watch out for your back rather stabbing you in it.

UPDATE: I am very lucky that I live in Val Vista Lakes, a neighborhood with some compassion. I write to my HOA about my situation and received a very kind email notifying me that I had been granted a 5-week extension and that no fines would be assessed and…did I need some help? I wish more people reached out to help like this…it makes a HUGE difference!