The Elusive Tiny Home Near Downtown Mesa

Looking for a home near Downtown Mesa?

Main Street is coming alive in Downtown Mesa

I have heard from several folks over the last week or so who are looking for a tiny home near Downtown Mesa so they can be a part the awesome Main Street community. And it’s a good time to get in while the getting is good.  A home near Downtown Mesa, within walking distance of the Light Rail, essentially put you within walking distance to Tempe and Phoenix, while enjoying the funky, artsy vibe that Main Street in Mesa offers.

Jarrods Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Downtown Mesa

Jarrods Coffee, Tea and Gallery in Downtown Mesa

If you haven’t been downtown lately, check it out. There is so much going on! OK, it’s still a little sleepy, but there aren’t many places around anymore where the bartender knows your name, where the cook knows you only eat vegan, and where you can park for FREE. This is a downtown that welcomes everybody like you are part of the family.

Friends of mine have heard me ramble on about how great Downtown Mesa is, and thought about the lifestyle Main Street offers. Wouldn’t it be great, they say, to have a little house down there. A tiny home with maintenance. Easy care. Yes, I agree. That sounds awesome. If you are asking yourself that same question, here are some possibilities for you!

You know how this works, don’t you? As soon as things really start popping, you might find it hard to find that perfect tiny home in this unique community.

First Friday - Motorcycles on Main

First Friday in Downtown Mesa – Motorcycles on Main

It’s already a challenge – homes in my neighborhood often sell before they even hit the market. So if you are really interested in finding a home near Downtown Mesa area, hit me up so I will get the inside scoop for you.

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