Some &*!@* Advice for Buyers Agents

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 A public service announcement for buyers and their agents who are agonizing about whether or not to send in that offer to purchase one of my listings...HINT: You can't win if you don't play! Our Phoenix real estate market has been favoring the sellers over the buyers for quite some time. I hear over and over again about how buyers missed the boat because they waited too long to submit an offer. The sooner the better these days! This isn't news! But I get a lot of phone calls that almost seem like the agent is looking for a reason NOT to submit an offer: Is the property still … [Read more...]

The A-word in Phoenix Real Estate

Here in the world of Phoenix real estate, we avoid mentioning the A-word as it strikes fear in the hearts of real estate participants who must face this adversary on the course of the transaction...dare I speak the work aloud? Appraisal! In a transitional market like we have right now, one that is experiencing a 20% increase in prices in a 6-month period, appraisals can be the kiss of death. Appraisals must follow conservative guidelines imposed by lenders and those guidelines tend to put the brakes on rapidly increasing prices. It an be hard when prices are increasing to obtain an appraisal that matches obvious market value. Many sellers … [Read more...]

Paging Mr. Spock – How Much is My House Worth, huh?

It's the $64,000,000 questions these days as values have shot up 20% since the beginning of the year. How much is YOUR house worth? Despite the fact that there are many online resources available that can provide an answer to that question - Zillow, bank websites, county tax records, and more - how accurate are those estimates? Because they are estimates, and ballpark ones at that. I am sure you have figured out that the only way to get an accurate market value for your home - one that includes all the intangibles that affect the price a buyer would be willing to pay for your home - is to talk to an experienced real estate me! … [Read more...]

National Vlog Posting Month (a few days late)

Thx to YouTuber Clintus McGintus (visit his site at for the heads up on NaVloPoMo1. Shooting a vid a day for a month - super psyched...see them posted at my "fun site" at http://www. It's going to fun to play around for a month :)...posting a short video everyday with (little to) no editing. … [Read more...]

Landlord! Take My House Please!

I hate moving! But the worst part of this move was not loading the moving van, packing, unpacking, or even the fact that it's a hot Arizona summer (the season I always move). No, the worst part of this move is turning the house back over to the landlord and realizing that he is planning to squeeze me for that security deposit. Despite the fact that we have spent over $700 cleaning and sprucing, the landlord's representative, "Janet", nit-picksevery little thing she can in the final walk-through inspection. Not only do I get to forfeit whatever "accounting" decides to deduct for dead light bulbs, a dead fly, a piece of paper that blew into … [Read more...]

Who Needs Cable When You’ve Got a Real Estate License

Trust me...the entertainment value of real estate is gravely underestimated!! … [Read more...]

Short Sale Buyers – Special Forces

Buying a short sale is not for namby pambies The East Valley Team is taking a stand. When a buyer submits an offer on a short sale - it is hazardous to everyone's health (financially speaking) if they do not intent to execute that contract fully. Gone are the days of putting lots of short sale offers in to see what sticks, Banks are digging and making the process much harder so the message from the East Valley Team is this: You better be serious if you put an offer in on one of our short sale listings. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Negotiation 101

Negotiating real estate deals just ain't the same anymore Is it just me? It just doesn't seem like it's much fun any more to negotiate a real estate transaction. Short sales, REO's and homeowners who have have watched all the equity drain from the homes have taken all the pleasure out of the process. Remember the good old days, sitting around a table, playfully bantering counter offers around until everyone was happy? What do we have now?? Waiting months and months for that 50-50 chance that the short sale will be approved...working with the overworked REO lister, if you are lucky or the REO robot if you are not...or maybe it's an equity … [Read more...]

Short Sales, Fiduciary Duty & Tea Parties

Why Honesty is the Best Policy, Even When the Truth Hurts Dean's latest rant about honesty by buyer's agents when it comes to earnest money deposits on short sales got me thinking...what is our fiduciary duty to short sale buyers? Is to be weaselly and help them cheat the system or is to be brutally honest about whether a short sale is really the right transaction for them? The truth is, short sales with their long lead time and unknown outcome, are just not right for some buyers. And the only way they will know that is if their agent is honest with them about the expectations. Cheerio! … [Read more...]

Making Those Short Sale Calls

Just another sign that short sales are not for the faint of heart... Negotiating a short sale means lots of calls to the lenders to negotiate the terms of the sale. But those calls can sure be frustrating! Sometimes they can't find you file, sometimes, they won't provide the written agreement letter without a fight, sometimes the BPO is out of this world and sometimes, well....sometimes, it feels like they are holding the short sale for ransom. … [Read more...]