Can You Really Sell Your House in November (or December!)

Real estate sales typically slow down towards the end of the year here in Phoenix. Buyers are distracted with holidays and take longer to make a decision. Inventory increases, so there are more choices. Advantages the sellers had during the busy season tend to wane as the weather cools off. But what if you NEED to sell your house now? This may not be the most ideal time to sell your house, but it is doable. About 5,000 homes will go under contract this November compared to over 8,000 that went under contract in June, one of the busiest months. Sure the number is lower, but that's still 5,000 houses! And yours could be one of … [Read more...]

Should You Wait for a Better Offer (If the one you got is a piece of $#%@)

What should you do if you get an offer that frankly is a piece of S*&;%T? Here are some spicy tips on how to make the best of a *#%$% situation... First, you have to be realistic. And that is secret code for price your house right. Second, understand your negotiating position. Is is a Seller's market, or do the Buyer's hold the advantage? Right now, Sellers are not exactly in the driver's seat. You have to play nice with buyers if you want to make a deal. nice! Third, try to make the offer work, even it at first glance that seems as likely as snow in Phoenix. Because, guess what? Sometimes it snows in Phoenix! … [Read more...]

Can You Really Buy a House With Only $1000 in Your Pocket?

Sometimes! Have you been thinking about buying a house but figure you won't live long enough to save up that huge down payment? Never fear! Hope is here! Arizona has several down payment assistance programs that provide a grant to homeowners who qualify that shaves 3% off the minimum down payment. That's a huge chunk of the low down payments required for FHA and some conventional loan programs. And it gets better... If the seller agrees to contribute towards your closing costs - effectively financing those closing costs - you might be surprised at the small amount of cash you need to get those house keys. I have seen folks buy for … [Read more...]

Hot-Chi-Wa-Wa: Phoenix – Mesa Real Estate Market Update – March 2015

It's that time of year when things start cooking in Phoenix real estate and we are seeing trends that indicate a market that is going to favor most sellers for the months ahead. Demand is out pacing   And rentals? Good luck! Inventory of single family homes for rent is the lowest since 2006! Questions? Just ask! Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464     … [Read more...]

Can You Really Buy A House In Phoenix for $100K?

Hey Bargain Shoppers! You can still buy a house in the Phoenix Metro area for $100,000 or less, but you need to be realistic...check out the video to find out what you can expect when you are buying a house with the money you have been pulling out of your couch cushions. I mean of August, 2014, you have 589 single family homes to choose from that fall below $100.01 - that's 3% of the inventory. So it's not like searching for a unicorn or anything... Oh! You want to stay in Maricopa County? That $10,000 house in Eloy is just too far out? OK, Ms/Mr Picky...that leaves you with 300 homes. Out of 16,076. So closer to unicorn … [Read more...]

Revealed – Inside a Realtor’s Car

You've seen Realtors driving around in their shiny clean cars, chauffeuring about clients, heading to meetings and looking fabulous. Have you ever wondered what those well-traveled cars look like BEFORE they get to the car wash? Curious why your agent always says "I will meet you there"? Well, hang on to your hats - you're about to find out, and friends, it ain't pretty! Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 … [Read more...]

The Great Tortoise Addendum

What happens when the 20 year old tortoise doesn't want to be disturbed from his winter's nap - a tale of a Win - Win - Win transaction. The best kind, where everyone treats each other with respect and consideration...Love it! I wish the participants in all my transactions were as respectful and considerate as the members of this real estate party! … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate Update October 2012

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 How's the Phoenix Real Estate Market doing these days? More "normal" than not...inventory still low, but most likely we will see fewer "speculators", and slightly higher inventory to close out 2012. … [Read more...]

Some &*!@* Advice for Buyers Agents

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 A public service announcement for buyers and their agents who are agonizing about whether or not to send in that offer to purchase one of my listings...HINT: You can't win if you don't play! Our Phoenix real estate market has been favoring the sellers over the buyers for quite some time. I hear over and over again about how buyers missed the boat because they waited too long to submit an offer. The sooner the better these days! This isn't news! But I get a lot of phone calls that almost seem like the agent is looking for a reason NOT to submit an offer: Is the property still … [Read more...]

Realtors Need Love Too!

Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 You hate us more than lawyers and drug companies?? Awwww...come on now! According to the latest Gallup poll. the real estate industry is the fourth most hated industry in America! Not can read to right here: But, I don't blame you. America...deep down I know you don't really hate us. You are just frustrated and who cab blame you? Things have been pretty bad. But I have new for you: Things are getting better, really they are! Even the news media has … [Read more...]