Identity Crisis – Phoenix Real Estate

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The shift in the Phoenix Real Estate Market has left some real estate agents with a major identity crisis – without all the evil banks and struggling homeowners, where do we focus our attention?

The History of Phoenix Real Estate (at least since 2005)

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The History of Phoenix Real Estate (since 2005).
It’s been quite a wild ride since I got my real estate license…let’s catch up, shall we?

2012 New Year’s Catch Up – The Fab and the Dull

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Kristin LaVanway I am soooo behind on posting videos, I decided to make one super-sized three-for-one special featuring a recap of the 2012 Phoenix Real Estate Market (zzzzzz), and word or three on New Year’s Resolutions and a Very Special Home Tour.

Some &*!@* Advice for Buyers Agents

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Our Phoenix real estate market has been favoring the sellers over the buyers for quite some time. Buyers must be ready for quick decisive action to be competitive.

Some Clarity Regarding Phoenix Real Estate – July 2012

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Yes! I have a new fancy camera! A Canon T3i to be exact and I love it, I still have a lot to learn, but here’s my first attempt at video with the new hardware. Hope it brings you a “clearer picture” of what’s happening in Phoenix real estate! July’s numbers are not all that […]

The A-word in Phoenix Real Estate

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In a transitional market like we have in Phoenix right now, right now, one that is experiencing a 20% increase in prices in a 6-month period, appraisals can be the kiss of death.

Paging Mr. Spock – How Much is My House Worth, huh?

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Despite the fact that there are many online resources available that can provide an answer to that question – Zillow, bank websites, county tax records, and more – how accurate are those estimates?

What’s Happening in Phoenix Real Estate – April 2012

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The real estate market in Phoenix continues to return to a more “normal state” whatever that means. Prices are edging up especially in price ranges below $250K, and inventory has dropped below the 2 month mark. Yikes!

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – January 2012

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For those folks waiting for the bottom of the Phoenix Real Estate market – it has come and gone. Here’s a little wake-up call from San Tan Valley that demonstrates what we can expect home prices to do in 2012.

The Phoenix Real Estate Market is a Real Crack-up

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The housing market in some parts of Phoenix, such as 85006, that are still struggling but many areas, such as 85142, 85297 or 85226 are HOT market right now.

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