That Solar Energy Thing – Savings in Downtown Mesa

Yes, it gets hot here. Really hot. And even when it's not blazing hot, it's more than likely sunny. Really sunny. It only rains about 30 days a year here. So, if you are a weather forecaster, your job is pretty easy. Because we have SO MUCH SUN in Phoenix, it makes sense to consider solar energy. A lot of sense. Solar is catching on and companies that supply solar panels to homeowners are popping up faster than weeds in March. More and more new home builders are offering solar as an option. It's a big deal in the Valley of the Sun, so much so that in 2012, Governor Janet Napolitano observed that solar power in Arizona has the potential to … [Read more...]

The Light Rail Is Coming to Mesa, Baby!

I don't know about you, but I find this very exciting. The light rail - THE LIGHT RAIL - is coming to Downtown Mesa, practically at my doorstep! Construction is well underway, so I can now see how far I have to stroll to get a ride to Tempe or Downtown Phoenix - you know, those downtowns that charge an arm and a leg for parking? Have you been to downtown Phoenix lately? It's crazy! $20 bucks so I can park my car...right! And the meters run ALL THE TIME now! I digress... This current extension project adds stations at Alma School Road, Country Club Drive, Center Street and Mesa Drive allowing passengers access to the many shops, … [Read more...]

In Search of a Rosewood Guitar with an Ipe Neck…

Brazilian Wood co-Director/co-Producer/Leading Man, Bill Wetherill.I like to keep busy. That's why I am dominating barely surviving a month-long "move to my new house/sell real estate/hire a new assistant/make my first feature film" marathon. It's been...busy. Given my packed schedule, I haven't had much time to explore my new stomping ground - Downtown Mesa. It's awesome with lots of cool shops, the new light rail, and many friendly folks. Seriously, I know approximately 5 times the number of neighbors I knew after 4 years in my old 'hood. But today, I successfully multi-layered my schedule so I could check out some of the downtown … [Read more...]