Can You Really Sell Your House in November (or December!)

Real estate sales typically slow down towards the end of the year here in Phoenix. Buyers are distracted with holidays and take longer to make a decision. Inventory increases, so there are more choices. Advantages the sellers had during the busy season tend to wane as the weather cools off.

But what if you NEED to sell your house now?

This may not be the most ideal time to sell your house, but it is doable. About 5,000 homes will go under contract this November compared to over 8,000 that went under contract in June, one of the busiest months. Sure the number is lower, but that’s still 5,000 houses! And yours could be one of them…Here are some strategies to help.

1. Price it right!
2. Be responsive.
3. Work every offer.
4. Be realistic.
5. Be patient.

Give me a call to learn exactly how to market your home during the “slow” season. You know where to find me!

Kristin LaVanway


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