Can You Really Buy a House With Only $1000 in Your Pocket?


Have you been thinking about buying a house but figure you won’t live long enough to save up that huge down payment? Never fear! Hope is here!

Arizona has several down payment assistance programs that provide a grant to homeowners who qualify that shaves 3% off the minimum down payment. That’s a huge chunk of the low down payments required for FHA and some conventional loan programs.

And it gets better…

If the seller agrees to contribute towards your closing costs – effectively financing those closing costs – you might be surprised at the small amount of cash you need to get those house keys. I have seen folks buy for less than $1000 in cash!

There are some qualifications, such as minimum credit score, maximum home price, a salary cap and you will have to a take a class. But for a lot of folks, it’s an amazing way to get into a home and out of the rental game.

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