The Light Rail Is Coming to Mesa, Baby!

I don't know about you, but I find this very exciting. The light rail - THE LIGHT RAIL - is coming to Downtown Mesa, practically at my doorstep! Construction is well underway, so I can now see how far I have to stroll to get a ride to Tempe or Downtown Phoenix - you know, those downtowns that charge an arm and a leg for parking? Have you been to downtown Phoenix lately? It's crazy! $20 bucks so I can park my car...right! And the meters run ALL THE TIME now! I digress... This current extension project adds stations at Alma School Road, Country Club Drive, Center Street and Mesa Drive allowing passengers access to the many shops, … [Read more...]

In Search of a Rosewood Guitar with an Ipe Neck…

Brazilian Wood co-Director/co-Producer/Leading Man, Bill Wetherill.I like to keep busy. That's why I am dominating barely surviving a month-long "move to my new house/sell real estate/hire a new assistant/make my first feature film" marathon. It's been...busy. Given my packed schedule, I haven't had much time to explore my new stomping ground - Downtown Mesa. It's awesome with lots of cool shops, the new light rail, and many friendly folks. Seriously, I know approximately 5 times the number of neighbors I knew after 4 years in my old 'hood. But today, I successfully multi-layered my schedule so I could check out some of the downtown … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate – Myth Busters Edition 2014

Are the rumors true? Find out now! With the end of 2014 fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the myths associated with the Phoenix real estate market! Are Interest Rates Soaring? Is the Market at a Standstill? Are Home Prices Dropping Like a Rock? Is it Impossible to Get a Home Loan? You know you want to know! If you have questions or comments, you can reach me at: Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod, … [Read more...]

My Own Backyard!

This morning, I picked some grapefruit. From my own tree. In my own backyard. It was awesome. Not exaggerating. It's taken me four years to get to pick grapefruit from my own tree in my own backyard. Four years ago, well, let's just say I had a really, really bad day. A really bad day that was about four years in the making. That was the low point. That day when some dude knocked on my door and told me I no longer owned it. That I had 5 days to get out. I bought the house after my marriage ended. Our new beginning, nestled in a familiar neighborhood so we could move forward. That house was the anchor for my family. Instead of a new … [Read more...]

Can You Really Buy A House In Phoenix for $100K?

Hey Bargain Shoppers! You can still buy a house in the Phoenix Metro area for $100,000 or less, but you need to be realistic...check out the video to find out what you can expect when you are buying a house with the money you have been pulling out of your couch cushions. I mean of August, 2014, you have 589 single family homes to choose from that fall below $100.01 - that's 3% of the inventory. So it's not like searching for a unicorn or anything... Oh! You want to stay in Maricopa County? That $10,000 house in Eloy is just too far out? OK, Ms/Mr Picky...that leaves you with 300 homes. Out of 16,076. So closer to unicorn … [Read more...]

Dragon Boat Racing at Tempe Town Lake – 2014 Festival

Dragon Boat Festival 2014 at Tempe Town Lake with the Breast of the West Dragon Boat Team. Dragon Boat teams from across the country gather for this 2-day racing event. All Aboard...getting ready to race Each 20 person crew is led by a steerer and a drummer who pounds out the cadence during the race. The teams range from include high school and college athletes, cancer survivors, masters teams and folks who just enjoy the comradery of this amazing team sport. Yes, there's even the occasional jester or two.   Breast cancer survivors benefit from the physical and emotional experience of Dragon Boat racing. The rowing motion is … [Read more...]

A Crazy Idea That Could Make a Big Difference

My friend Debbie has breast cancer. She was treated in all the typical ways (and that sucked, let me tell you) but in the end, the cancer is going to stick around for a while. Really for the rest of her life. Yeah, that really sucks. So, I made a movie, basically, to convince my friend, Debbie to stop working so much and enjoy life. Not because she is going to die, but because she is still alive. And DAMN IT!! Life is too short to spend all your time stuck in a demanding, stressful job and miss out on all the amazing things that happen while you are there. The movie is called LIVE A LITTLE: (go ahead, click on the picture...) Well, Debbie … [Read more...]

Identity Crisis – Phoenix Real Estate

The shift in the Phoenix Real Estate Market has left some real estate agents with a major identity crisis. After years of rescuing underwater homeowners, dealing the evil banks and constantly changing government regulations, we are left in a fairly normal market. What do we do know!!? I guess, when it gets right down to it, we all have to adjust to this new "normal" market. Once the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder starts to wind down, anyway!! Don't be afraid to reach out for help during these changing times... Kristin LaVanway 480-282-7464 Special appearance by Jane Fendelmen :) Outro: Feeling Good, Kevin MacLeod … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Guide to Kite-Flying

It's back-to-school time here in Phoenix, and I have been asked this question at least a dozen times: Don't you miss them? or Aren't you sad to see them on their own? even Isn't Your Heart Just Breaking? Uh, NO!! See, I have four boys - ages 21, 21 (twins!), 19 and 16. Conner, 21, who is gainfully employed but roosting at home for a short while; Kyle, 21, who lives on his own and attends ASU, Luke, 19, who just moved up to Prescott to play soccer for Yavapai College; and Jake, 16, a junior at Highland High School. I'm a single mom, clearly out-numbered in this little frat house I call home, and yes, this year, I am watching my little birdies … [Read more...]

The History of Phoenix Real Estate (at least since 2005)

To celebrate 8 years in real estate, I present to you: The History of Phoenix Real Estate (since 2005). It's been quite a wild ride since I got my real estate license...let's catch up, shall we? For all practical purposes, our Phoenix real estate market has experience an economic disaster that is quite similar to a Category 5 hurricane. And much like New Orleans experienced with Hurricane Katrina, we have endured different phases of this experience. 2005: The Tasty Wave phase when everyone grabs a board and jumps in - regardless of any actual ability to surf or even swim 2006: The denial phase - oh, haw bad can it really get? 2007: The … [Read more...]