Wondering Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Call You Back?

I had phone duty today at Thompson's Realty and received a call from a frustrated gal who couldn't get anybody else to call her back about renting a property. It's a more common complaint than it should be. There is no good excuse for not returning calls, but if you are frustrated too, check out this video for some thoughts on the topic... … [Read more...]

What? You Aren’t Using the AZ Buyer’s Advisory??

Two of my clients recently discovered that a really good deal can sometimes be a really bad deal. How did they do it? By using the Arizona Buyer's Advisory to research the properties they were interested in purchasing. By using the resources summarized in this document, they discovered deal breakers that made them decide to choose a different property. … [Read more...]

Phoenix Real Estate FAQ’s – REO’s

Dean Ouellette joins me to as we answer your real estate questions straight from the trenches of the Phoenix real estate market....in only 30 seconds.  Here we are answering some frequently asked questions about purchasing bank-owned properties...namely: Where can you find REO listings? Can I offer below the asking price on a bank-owned property? The bank accepted my offer, but wants me to be sign a 10-page addendum...what do I do? What's a "best and final" offer and how do they work? Thanks to Sasha Lopez for manning the time clock! Don't miss our "blooper reel" at the end! … [Read more...]

The Inside Scoop on Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan

Time and time again, I have had clients who where told they were "pre-qualified" but then were denied the loan. Why does this happen? Here is a look at what happens behind the scenes to qualify you for a mortgage loan, and some tips on how the right loan officer can better your odds for qualification. … [Read more...]

Talking Shop Episode #2 – Tips for Home Buyers

Dean Ouellette and Kristin LaVanway talk about tips to help Buyers in their home search, including how to choose a lender, where to find the best deals, and how to make the most fo your shopping trip! … [Read more...]

Trustee Sales – Can You Work Around Them?

I headed down to the courthouse steps today to introduce one my investor clients to Pam Mullavey and Brad Kelley of Infoclosure.com. He had a couple of interesting questions about how the trustee sales work and if there is a way to avoid that whole process... And, yes...it was raining which explains the frizzy hair! ***Note: One exception to the Trustee Sale as described in the video is the Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure, however, these are not common. … [Read more...]

Ready To Do Some Online House Shopping…Here Are Some Tips!

Welcome to my online search tool that puts you in the driver's seat for your online home search. Here's a little introduction: ...And here are some how-to tutorials (for best results, view in HD, full screen): #1 The Basics - Getting Started with Your Home Search #2 Advanced Search Techniques - How to Narrow It Down to the Best of the Bunch #3 Saving Your Work - Create Favorites, Alerts, Notes and More! Happy Shopping! … [Read more...]

What If Realtors Got Paid By The Hour?

A recent opinion piece on SFGATE.com continues the chorus of those who think that Realtors are grossly overcompensated. I am not sure why, because, as Jay Thompson explains, most are living well below the poverty level...30% actually lost money! Maybe it is time that we changed the way Realtors get paid...here are some thoughts... For more clarification on myths about real estate agents, check out this great article by Elizabeth Weintraub. … [Read more...]

Introducing the AZ Short Sale Seller’s Advisory

The Arizona Department of Real Estate and the Arizona Association of Realtors have teamed to create a great resource for distressed property owners or any homeowner or wants to understand what happens when you are in default on your mortgage or contemplating a short sale. The Advisory contains links to online resoures to professionals and consultants who can help you understand your rights, liability and risks so you can make an informed decision and protect yourself in these tough times. Click on this link to view the AZ Short Sale Seller's Advisory. … [Read more...]

The Gloves Are Off, Folks…Watch Your Back

Two recent news stories have highlighted to me how out-of-whack things have gotten with respect to the actions being taken to "improve the economy". I knew it was bad, I just didn't think it was this bad... AIG execs are partying it up while school teachers are paying the price...that might improve the economy for some people, but not the average Joe. … [Read more...]