Why Loan Modifications Aren’t Working

There has been a lot of finger-pointing lately about the effectiveness or lack thereof of loan modifications in reducing the number of foreclosures in our troubled housing market. Why aren't loan modifications helping distressed homeowners? Here are my thoughts... … [Read more...]

My Two Cents on the Great Social Media Debate

Is Social Media the "Next Big Thing" or a "Total Scam"? My thoughts on what social media means to me... Here are some links to more opinions about social media: Beware Social Media Snake Oil (Business Week) Social Media Revolution (video) Include yours by adding a comment below! … [Read more...]

What Happens When Your House Sells at a Trustee Sale

The 4th in a series on Trustee Sales, in this video details I discuss happens after your homes sells and some steps you can take to survive this difficult turn of events. … [Read more...]

Here in Phoenix – Friday Morning News – 12-4-2009

A wrap-up of Phoenix real estate news brought to you by a couple of lego people. This week - the tightening mortgage market may affect recovery of Phoenix housing market. … [Read more...]

How Trustee Sales Work (Part 3)

Third in the series, in this clip, I discuss the challenges of buying a property at Trustee Sale, and talk about who is buying these properties. … [Read more...]

How Trustee Sales Work (Part 2)

In this video, I review the auction process at an actual Trustee Sale on the courthouse steps in downtown Phoenix. Part 2 in a series... … [Read more...]

Here in Phoenix Friday Morning News – 11-27-2009

A wrap up of the week in Phoenix real estate for 11-27-2009 – brought to you by a couple of lego people. This week’s topic: Home price trends. Graphs courtesy of the Cromford Report. … [Read more...]

How Trustee Sales Work (Part 1)

Over 4,600 homes were auctioned at Trustee Sale in Maricopa County over the last month. Here is an overview of how Trustee Sales work (first in a series), who is involved and which homes make it to the auction. … [Read more...]

5 (Less!) Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

Oh, so many questions about short sales, but here are the answers to a few that I have been asked recently: - What if your CPA tells you to get a short sale? - What if your house burns down during a short sale? - Can my Mom buy your house and sell it back to me? - Can the bank ask me for money? - Can I keep "souvenirs"? … [Read more...]

If You Have Been Trying to Reach Me…Watch This Video!

I published this public service announcement for anyone trying to reach me...let's just say, I am a victim of technology! And...aren't we all :) … [Read more...]