Big Box Banks vs. Local Mortgage Banker

Does it really matter who you choose to do your mortgage? Can’t you just go down to any ho-hum bank and get a home loan? Or call that spammy 1-800 number (that is most likely a sex hotline) you got from a quick Google search? Yes, it matters! And it’s a big FLIPPIN’ deal!

You might be thinking, “Big Box is the way to go because I like everything BIG, GINORMOUS, and boxy—Texas-style!” (Remember that hit song, I’m Boxy and I Know It? LMAO!) But visit any realtor-infused happy hour and you will understand why realtors start breaking out in a cold sweat when they see a pre-qualification from 1-800-Big Box Walmart Wannabe Bank.

dr evil big bank guy doesnt give a shit about you

…But not on your “mortgage.” I have a big pile of manila’s and you are at the “bottom.” I actually had “Agent #2” throw yours in a fiery pit of volcanic “magma.” We call this department “processing.”

When you dial that 1-800 number, you are not dealing with a licensed mortgage professional. You are dealing with a salaried bank employee who wins the office pool by piling more manila folders on his desk than the guy sitting next to him to win Top Sales Employee of the Month. (And by manila folders, I mean genuinely interested and caring families trying to buy a home.)

The better option?

Go with the local mortgage professional! The guy who builds his business through relationships with buyers and their realtors. The guy who is licensed to advise you about what is likely the most important financial decision of your whole entire life. All he DOES is MORTGAGES! He daydreams about mortgages. He has mortgages with his morning coffee—EVERY morning. Mortgages are his oxygen: It’s ALL he breathes! He doesn’t care that you have a car loan. (By the way, good for you! Way to go!) He’s not going to try to open a money market for you either. (You probably already have one and it’s gathering zero interest anyway—and he’s smart enough to not rub that in your face!)

Do you really want to work with a Big Box Bank who treats you like last year’s dog doo-doo on the bottom of their shoes, and gets you confused with all the other dog doo-doos they just stepped on? (And you know how that yard gets FULL and piled up with dog doo-doo when someone neglects it—and that “dog doo-doo” is YOU.)

Heart shape poop on grass.

Heart-shaped doodoo on grass – though Big Banks only love you when you’re not privy to their schemes.

I think not!

Choose the local mortgage professional, the one who would give you the red cardigan right off his back and go on a trolley ride with you because you two, my fine friend, are now BESTIES!

Which one of these guys would you want to be your neighbor?


Welcome Aboard, my close-friend! I truly do care about you and all of your mortgage needs.

By the way, check out these great homes your Mr. Rogers would LOVE to help you finance today!










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