Dragon Boat Racing at Tempe Town Lake – 2014 Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival 2014 at Tempe Town Lake with the Breast of the West Dragon Boat Team.

Dragon Boat teams from across the country gather for this 2-day racing event.

Dragon Boat Festival 2014

All Aboard…getting ready to race

Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Each 20 person crew is led by a steerer and a drummer who pounds out the cadence during the race.

Tempe Dragon Boat Festival

Tempe Dragon Boat Festival

The teams range from include high school and college athletes, cancer survivors, masters teams and folks who just enjoy the comradery of this amazing team sport. Yes, there’s even the occasional jester or two.


Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Breast of the West team paddling out

Breast cancer survivors benefit from the physical and emotional experience of Dragon Boat racing. The rowing motion is excellent therapy after a mastectomy and the emotional bonds from the team are a huge extra bonus. After dealing with cancer, it’s nice to feel like a bad ass again…


Dragon Boat Festival 2014



Tempe Dragon Boat Festival  - 2014

Waiting for the 1000 at the Tempe Dragon Boat Festival – 2014

Tempe Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Wish You Were Here!



A Crazy Idea That Could Make a Big Difference

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My friend Debbie has breast cancer. She was treated in all the typical ways (and that sucked, let me tell you) but in the end, the cancer is going to stick around for a while. Really for the rest of her life. Yeah, that really sucks.

So, I made a movie, basically, to convince my friend, Debbie to stop working so much and enjoy life. Not because she is going to die, but because she is still alive. And DAMN IT!! Life is too short to spend all your time stuck in a demanding, stressful job and miss out on all the amazing things that happen while you are there.

The movie is called LIVE A LITTLE:
(go ahead, click on the picture…)

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 2.20.05 PM

Well, Debbie retired! Yeah!

So then I was thinking, and keep in mind the film isn’t even done yet, but, nevertheless, I was thinking, if this film could help Debbie, maybe it could help other people too. So I looked around and I found just the folks…Singleton Moms - an awesome non-profit here in Phoenix that provides support to single parents with cancer. Check out their website and make sure you watch this video:

Pretty awesome, right?

So here’s what we are going to do…We are going to have a Film Festival to raise money for Singleton Moms. No kidding!! It’s going to be a blast. No, not a Sundance-type of thing that lasts for days and celebrities are milling about and movie deals are struck and everyone wears sunglasses at night.

Not that kind of film festival!

More like a film festival/party where we watch great local short films about inspirational and amazing people, hear about some wonderful organizations and the amazing things they do, and most importantly, celebrate life. And then of course, we will hit the after party!!

So mark you calendars for the evening of October 10, 2013 because you won’t want to miss it! Oh and by the way, Russell Shaw HP_HeartIcon is going to be the emcee! So you know it’s going to be a good time.

Watch for more information coming very soon. I was just so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!! If you are interested in helping out, don’t be shy! Shoot me an email at Kristin@HereInPhoenix.com or call me at 480-282-7464.


Identity Crisis – Phoenix Real Estate

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The shift in the Phoenix Real Estate Market has left some real estate agents with a major identity crisis. After years of rescuing underwater homeowners, dealing the evil banks and constantly changing government regulations, we are left in a fairly normal market. What do we do know!!?

I guess, when it gets right down to it, we all have to adjust to this new “normal” market. Once the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder starts to wind down, anyway!!

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help during these changing times…

Kristin LaVanway

Special appearance by Jane Fendelmen :)

Outro: Feeling Good, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

A Mother’s Guide to Kite-Flying

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It’s back-to-school time here in Phoenix, and I have been asked this question at least a dozen times:

Don’t you miss them?


Aren’t you sad to see them on their own?


Isn’t Your Heart Just Breaking?

Uh, NO!!

See, I have four boys – ages 21, 21 (twins!), 19 and 16. Conner, 21, who is gainfully employed but roosting at home for a short while; Kyle, 21, who lives on his own and attends ASU, Luke, 19, who just moved up to Prescott to play soccer for Yavapai College; and Jake, 16, a junior at Highland High School. I’m a single mom, clearly out-numbered in this little frat house I call home, and yes, this year, I am watching my little birdies fly from the nest.

The Four Kite Boys

For the last week, I have watched all the Facebook posts from the weeping moms sending their kids off to various new stages of life and wondering

“What the hell is wrong with me…Why am I not weepy and sentimental?”

Obviously, my life is a lot less complicated without:

Feeding an army
Clothing an army
Spending 2-6 hours per day driving to school/sports/friends/whatever
Running my dishwasher 2-4 times per day
Trying to figure out where the 64 pairs of socks I just bought have gone

But this is not just a sigh of relief, it’s sheer joy…

And then I figured it out!

Sending my kids off on their own is just like flying 4 magnificent


Lucky me, after almost 22 years of cutting and taping and gluing and various other construction techniques, I get to launch these beautiful kites into the air and watch them fly. Oh, we are still – and always will be – connected. And yes, they may weave and zig-zag and even crash, but I am right here to send them back up again if that happens. Each following his own path, soaring as high as they can. It’s glorious and wonderful and exciting! How can I possibly weep at such a miraculous occasion?

It’s a beautiful day to fly a kite!


The History of Phoenix Real Estate (at least since 2005)

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To celebrate 8 years in real estate, I present to you:

The History of Phoenix Real Estate (since 2005).

It’s been quite a wild ride since I got my real estate license…let’s catch up, shall we? For all practical purposes, our Phoenix real estate market has experience an economic disaster that is quite similar to a Category 5 hurricane. And much like New Orleans experienced with Hurricane Katrina, we have endured different phases of this experience.

2005: The Tasty Wave phase when everyone grabs a board and jumps in – regardless of any actual ability to surf or even swim
2006: The denial phase – oh, haw bad can it really get?
2007: The phase where we start to see how bad it can really get.
2008-2010: The apocalyptic flood phase, where it’s even worse than we thought
2011: The phase where everyone literally scratches their head and says to themselves, I have no idea what to do now.
2012: The calvery (aka investors with cash) arrive!
2013: Present day, looking a lot more normal!

Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Kristin LaVanway

Revealed – Inside a Realtor’s Car

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You’ve seen Realtors driving around in their shiny clean cars, chauffeuring about clients, heading to meetings and looking fabulous. Have you ever wondered what those well-traveled cars look like BEFORE they get to the car wash? Curious why your agent always says “I will meet you there”?

Well, hang on to your hats – you’re about to find out, and friends, it ain’t pretty!

Kristin LaVanway

The Great Tortoise Addendum

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What happens when the 20 year old tortoise doesn’t want to be disturbed from his winter’s nap – a tale of a Win – Win – Win transaction. The best kind, where everyone treats each other with respect and consideration…Love it! I wish the participants in all my transactions were as respectful and considerate as the members of this real estate party!

Kristin LaVanway’s Secrets to Success

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A friend of mine, Elizabeth Newlin, asked me how I do all the things I do. This coming from a Grand Canyon-hiking,marathon-running, cooking expert, ballet dancing trapeze artist. If you ask me, she does way cooler things than I do…But anyway, here they are: Kristin LaVanway’s Secrets to Success. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

And if you get a chance, check out Elizabeth’s blog. She’s hilarious…

Kristin LaVanway



5 Tips from My Trip to the Sheraton Downtown

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Today I traveled to the Sheraton in Downtown Phoenix to pick up a reporter who is writing an article on our fabulous Phoenix real estate market…I learned a few things along the way.

The Greatest Fitness Program Ever In The History Of The World!!!

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This year as part of my “Three Words Instead of New Year’s Resolutions” program, I am focusing on Community, Strength and Create. As it turns out, this secret to fitness success helps in two areas as it is truly a mind and body experience.

Some highlights:

It’s EASY!

It’s FREE!


The only caveat – you must commit to doing this every day. OK, by every day, I really mean at least 6 out of every 7 days, come on, let’s be reasonable. But I have been doing just that for the last 3 months and the results are phenomenal! I am leaner and stronger, I have more energy, I have turned on my creative power source, and I am feeling less stressed than I have in at least a decade.

It’s a miracle!!!

I am not going to tell you the secret – you have to watch the video to find out. Then, DO IT! You will thanks me, I promise :)

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